My new bags

Thank God hubby able to catch the last flight from Singapore to Penang after 6 hours delay in San Francisco. He reach Ipoh around 22.30 and I'm happy that he is able to get me another Lesportsac bag when he transit in Changi.

As I have promise to some of my friends, I'll snaps the photos of the bag and post it here.

This is the "Molly" in Sweetie Pie print. For your information, this Sweetie Pie print is a limited edition print and it's out of stock in some countries. I like this "Molly" design is because of it's size. Is's big enough for me and have lots of compartment and pockets to stay organized. It came along with a small cosmetic bag. Bought it at SGD130.........

Front view of the bag
Side view of the bag

View from top

Molly in Sweetie Pie + the cosmetic bag

The cosmetic bag

This is another Lesportsac bag of mine............ "Large Weekender" in Caviar Olive. I get it in ebay at USD79.90 inclusive of shipping to US and ask hubby to bring it back for me. This is a gorgeous bag I had. It has few pockets of it and as other Lesportsac bag, it came along with the cosmetic bag too.

Large Weekender in Caviar Olive

With the free cosmetic bag

The interior of the bag........

The cool zip with lock on it....


Lemonjude said...

You love LeSportsac bag a lot huh? Anyway all are nice n limited...Long time I didn't check from KLCC, it sells there. The price is a bit expensive.

I love what I'm getting from eBay too. I just won a bid of a LeSportsac bag...waiting it to reach me.

zooropa said...

wow ur hubby is so lovely to get u a bag!


chooi peng said...

aiyah, the bag so cheap in SG?

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