My dad ask me out for breakfast last Friday. He brought me to a restaurant which I never been to before. According to my dad, this shop is quite famous for the porridge they sell. The shop name is "Lucky Restaurant" which located at Pasir Puteh.

I think this is the most luxury breakfast I never had before. My dad didn't order the porridge because the pot is quite big for 3 of us (my parent and myself). What he ordered are:

Fish Noddles with Chicken Soup
The noddles are freshly made by the boss and the soup are so tasty because a whole chicken was use to cook the soup. Other ingredients inside the soup are the "fish stomach" (I don't know what it called in English). In Cantonese, it's called "fa kao" and "yu piew".

A Lobster
This is a strongly recommended by the boss because he told us that this lobster was just arrived and was so fresh to have it. Yeah, he is right..... the taste of the lobster was just so fresh.

Fish Ball
We ordered 10 homemade fish balls but we cannot finished it. At the end, we have to bring it back to give it to Kendra.

If you happen to come to Ipoh, you can go there and try it out their yummy yummy foods.


Aida said...

miss the fishball! looks yummy osso

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