Price Increase Everywhere

Do you notice that the price for the "teh tarik" or the "kopi o" you had this morning is being increase??? I had my breakfast outside every morning and I noticed that the price for the drinks and the food I ordered is being increase for additional 10-30 cents. Here are some of the latest price for my breakfast:

Nescafe ice was RM1.60 increase to RM1.70
Pan Mee was RM3.00 increase to RM3.30
Fried wat tan yee mee was RM3.00 to RM3.20
Wan tan mee was RM2.20 to RM2.40

What the hell is going on.............!!!!!! This will increase my daily expenses if I still have my breakfast outside. Hubby suggested me to take away the food and have it at home so that I can save the cost for the drinks.....a good idea indeed!

I think maybe it's the time for our boss to increase our pay too! AGREE????


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