Tag: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To

Thanks Dora for tagging me. Eerr...... at what age I wish to go back huh?????? Lots of question mark in my mind now. If I were giving a chance to turn back the time, I wish that I can go back to the time when I delivered my girl.

How I wish I'm strong enough to witness the whole process. During my delivery of Kendra, I vomit when the doctor ask me to "push" and I've totally lost my concentration. Hubby also can't recall the whole process when I ask him due to he is so busy taking care of me at that time. So, if I'm going to deliver my second baby, I've to be more strong to witness his/her arrival compare to my last experience.

How about you:
1. virginia
2. mummy in vain
3. lovelymummy


Jacelyn Chew said...

I've done this tag long time ago lo...but anyway, tags are good to link each other. well, thanks so much, and I'll do it again.....:)

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