International Package Forwarding Service

Good news to share with my buddies who always wish to shop online at most of the US website which do not provide International Shipping. With website, you now can shop from all your favorite companies which you thought before that delivery to your doorstep is impossible. is the leader in package and mail forwarding. They receives packages on behalf of the customers and then consolidate and repack the packages and send it to the overseas customers. What you need to do is sign up an account for yourself and they will provides you with an unique genuine US address. You need to provide this address to the US retailers when you place your order. Once your package is arrived, they will notify you by email and you can view your inventory of packages and shipping invoices at anytime via the member web page. Besides that, you can also track your shipment from to your doorstep.

To save on the shipping, you can consolidate all your purchases into one shipment where you can have up to 70% saving. The first two boxes are free of charge and the subsequent box is only $3.00 per box. It really save a lot compare with other companies that charge a high base rate for every additional box.

Sign up an account now and start your shopping spree!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I found another company called Bongo International that provides a similar service. Great rates, great service...been using them for about 1 year. website is

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