Polybags Exchange

I wish to redeem the tent for Kendra but too bad that I currently only have 3 Jumbo Huggies Ultra polybag on hand. Since Kendra is diapers off daytime, I only use Mamypoko for her at night and didn't stock up any Huggies diapers. So, I would like to exchange my Mamypoko polybags with your huggies Ultra polybags if you wish too. Kindly email me at peimun78@yahoo.com if you would like to exchange with me. Thanksssssss!!!!


LittleLamb said...

Let me check what I've and let u know. Currently in office, I cant recall. But I do have 1 Huggies Ultra at home..

Lovely Mummy said...

the tent looks nice ler...i got huggies pants bag, i think it's not suitable, right?

Wonderful Life said...

I saw Huggies Ultra selling at RM42.90 at the supermarket near the place I stay. Is the price cheap? I wanted to try Huggies Ultra but I wasn't sure that's the offer price or not :P

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