Becoz you are CUTE!

When we are shopping around the consourse area of a shopping mall last weekend, we were approach by a sales person of the unit trust. At first, he keep his eyes on Kendra and try to be friend with her. Then he walk closer to us and try to invite us to have a free wealth consultation.

We did accept his offer and he started to brief us on the unit trust products that they are offering. According to him, if we start invest certain amount on that day, we will be giving a free toys.

After the consultation, we just walk away and Kendra was giving a free toys too even we didn't invest in it. You want to know why? Because the sales person said she is so cute, she deserve the toy although we didn't invest single cenrs.

Anyhow, I still will consider to invest some unit trust for Kendra. The return i think will be better than conventional fixed deposit.


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