E-Ticket for Kendra

We will be attending Felix's wedding this 5th April which will held in Osaka. Everyone is so busy for the trip and myself and TCW was busy rushing here and there to get the visa done before we depart. TCW received a call from the travel agent saying that we didn't submit the air ticket for Kendra. According to the girl, Kendra need a ticket too but we was informed by Felix that she don't nee it. It make us so confuse and TCW did call up SQ ticketing office to clarify it. What's we understand from the friendly call center staff is that we need to pay 10% of our air fares for Kendra in order to her to get the ticket. I quicky forward the infomation to Felix and everythings was settled. Kendra got her E-ticket on the following day. And again, Felix was screw up by the SQ's KL staff.

I think I can start packing some stuffs now since Kendra got 10kg baggage allowance too. I can ease my worried of the overweight luggages. I can brings more clothes for Kendra....hooray!


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