Kendra New Dress

As kendra will be celebrate her 1st birthday soon, I've bought her a Poney's dress to wear it on her birthday. I have been eyeing for this dress since Chinese New Year but Don't think of getting it for Kendra coz it's not cheap. Until yesterday, I went to Parkson and surprisingly there are having their member's day. With the additional discount, I bought it without thinking twice. Most of my firends will discourage me to buy the expensive clothesfor Kendra, because they will think that the baby will outgrow the clothes very fast. But I have a different point of view, I think my childs deserves the best if I can afford it.

I think her new dress suit her Robeez's shoes that bought by her auntie terri. Will lether dress like a princess on her big day. Make sure you come back and check for the B'day photos later!


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