This week I suppose to be very busy but I'm not. I'm still so relax to write my blog here.....hehehe. Actually I need to start and pack my luggage and plan where to have the birthday dinner for Kendra. Most of my friends keep asking me whether I have pack my luggage or not and when they knew that I haven't start to pack yet, their respond is the same. "Hoi, if you don't want to go, please let me know....I'm free on that day"......I think I better start to pack it by today or tomorrow.

For Kendra, what shall I bring other than below:
1. Enfalac HA & Nestle Cereal
2. Clothes : Sweater, socks, shoes, handkerchiefs, blankets
3. Feeding set: bibs, bottles, bottles cleanser, pacifiers, wet tissues
4. BORO that cannot be missed out!
5. Her favorite toys....Hello Kitty
6. ?????
7. ?????

Please help to think what else I should bring.....


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