Slide or Study Desk

I'm very confuse now as I don't know to buy a slide or a study desk for Kendra this few days. I came across this step2 brand in one of my customer shop and I'm keen on all their products too. I've shortlist 2 of the items that I think Kendra will like it.

Hubby and I thought of getting Kendra a slide because she just like to go to the playground near our house. If we had one in the house, she can just play without being the victims of the mosquitoes.

In the other hand, I also wish to get her the study desk as it's more useful as she grow up I think. It has two side compartment for books storage and plenty of space to keep the things more organized. And the whole set of the desk looks durable!!!

I'm scratching my head now because I don't know which one should I buy. Both are almost the same price and due to the budget constrain, I can only choose one from it. What do you think??


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