Spiffies Teeth Wipes

It's so hard for me to ask Kendra to brush her teeth every morning because she just so lazy + sleepy when I wake her up in the morning. She is so reluctant to go to the toilet in the morning and keep on telling me that she don't want to go to school..... she thought she can escape by this......

Since I will be going to Singapore next week, I plan to bring back some boxes of Spiffies Teeth Wipes for Kendra.

And for your information, this Spiffies is a safe, convenient and easy way to clean your baby's mouth and gums. It's designed for children 4 months and older and used by everyone when brushing is not available. Spiffies contains xylitol, a natural sweetener that looks and taste like sugar but has 40% fewer calories than sugar. It has the natural ability to fight cavities, reduce plaque, and keep bacteria from adhering to mucus membranes such as the nose. Xylitol also has been shown to fight ear infections and is safely used by diabetics.

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Mery said...

Peimun, is tis prdt onli saleable in Spore?...Think of getting for my son too.

Chen Xi & Mama said...

Peimun, not really can understand how to use this product leh.. Is it something for bb to chew? Can get it in which part of Singapore huh? Would like to ask my hubby buy.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

ooo...this is the 1st time i see this kind of product.

May I know the price?

peimun said...

**Directions for Use:
Designed for use on children over four months of age. Tear open packet, remove and unfold Spiffies™ dental wipe. Hold or wrap around finger and firmly grasp with thumb. Gently wipe child's oral cavity including teeth, gums, tongue and inner cheek surfaces.

I think I saw it at Watson (SG) before.

I think the price will be less than SGD15.00

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

i think it is very reasonable price. with this price, it saves a lot of mommies's job.

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