I miss this moment


When I'm housekeeping Kendra's photos and I found this video clip. I watched it again and again and decided to share it with you all. I really missed that moment when Kendra was arrived into this world. Really can't imagine that this lil baby in the video clip will become a 'monster' today....LOL!


My Lil' Monster said...

Wah U had your Bao Bei photo taken when u delivered. How sweet.

Yes, these are the moments we as parents missed so much.

Vivian Wong said...

wow, she is so cute, open her eyes and look...i miss this moment too as i forgot bring video & camera for both babies.

quEeNie said...

so sweet.......I missed the moment coz my sis lost d video on that :(

whoisbaby said...

may be is time to have another little bundle of joy to join the family?

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