If you are Strait Times readers, I believe this "wonderword" is not a new things for you as it will appears on the Sunday Times every Sunday. I start to love this game when I have a copy of this Sunday Times which bought by hubby weeks ago. Once I play it, I can't stop it just as I play the Sudoku few years back.

Wonderword is a one-of-a-kind word search that uses every letter on the grid to form hidden words that tie into the puzzle’s daily theme. The letters that remain will spell out today's WonderWord.

Here is the puzzle I just completed and you can have more and more puzzle here. I think you will like it as I do if you have start to play one of the puzzle.


My Lil' Monster said...

Hi Pei Mun.. U hv a great Blog.

Wah not bad, u still can afford to do puzzle.

If I hv d time, I think I will put in to my Dreamland.

Anyway, nice to meet U mummy :)

My Lil' Monster said...

Hi, Nice to meet U.

Gosh, U really hv time for yourself. Kendra is such a good girl. u trained her so well.

If I, i think I will take the time to Dreamland.

Chen Xi & Mama said...

Peimun, the wonderword is drive me crazy man! hahaha... i like it so much.. play till two eyes going to pop out!

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