DH Birthday

Hubby birthday is around the corner and I still don't have any plan to celebrate it. As you all aware that when we ask them what they want for present, sure they will ask us no need to buy them anythings. Maybe he know that if I would get him somethings and in the end he have to buy me back a present to "thank" me..... So, it's better don't ask for anythings.....hahahah!

Although that day is a Public holiday but he need to work on that day due to short of manpower in his department. I think I will only arrange a lunch with him together with our princess since Kendra no need to go to nursery on that day. I think I will also buy him a present on behalf on Kendra.... any ideas what I should get him???


My Lil' Monster said...

I tell u, guys very hard to find things for them ler. Not like us hor.. so many things they can buy for us kekekeke

How bout watch?

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