1st friend in nursery

After I've fetch Kendra from her nursery yesterday, in the car we start to chat. Kendra keep on waving her hands and said "bye bye teacher Cynthia, bye bye teacher Shirley................ bye bye Yee Chee Hon"...I was shocked when I heard she call out somebody name. Below is our conversation (seems I like to post up our conversation lately...heheh)

Kendra: Bye bye teacher Cynthia, bye bye teacher Shirley.............bye bye Yee Chee Hon
mommy: Kendra.......just now u said bye bye who ar???? What Yee Chee Hon? Who is he? Your teacher???
Kendra: No........Yee Chee Hon gor gor (She corrected me her friend name)
mommy: ooohh.....Yee Chee Hon your friend friend in school ar?
Kendra: hai ya (means yes in cantonese)........ (While she answer me, I can see that she feel shy at the same time)

This morning when I send her to nursery, I ask the teacher whether there is a boy called "Yee Chee Hen" and the teacher told me the boy actually name "Lim Chee Hen" and according to her, both my girl and this boy are same age.... only different by few days only. They are best friend in the class and like to play to each other while teacher is teaching in front.

I'm glad to hear that and feel that my girl really grow up...... she know how to make friends and mixed with other kids.


My Lil' Monster said...

Kendra fren with Boy Boy ah... kekeke. Glad that Kendra can mixed well with her classmates.

MamaTang said...

It's good to know that Kendra is making friends in school.

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