While daddy is driving, Kendra and mommy are talking to each other. Suddenly, daddy talk to Kendra and our conversation goes like this:

daddy: Kendra, when you go to school later, you don't "ng ng ng" (pretend crying)....ok???

mommy: Kendra, answer yes sir to daddy la

daddy: don't "ng ng ng" ok or not??

mommy: you answer daddy la.....

Kendra: yes sir yes sir three bags for my master and one for my dame.....*wink*

Both hubby and I keep laughing non stop after listen to her answer.


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

This is exactly how me and my husband answer to each other...we will also sing this song..Haha

Agnes Khoo said...

Kendra is so clever! Both of u sure laugh till non-stop ya!

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