Refund @ Paypal

I'm so sad that one set of the Nike outfits I bid tru eBay was lost in mail. I've waited for more than a month but the items still not yet reach me while the others set which I bid later were on my hands.

Without wasting my time, I wrote to the seller and check with her but I got no reply from the seller after waiting for a week. Then I have to seek advise from one of my friend who used to claim back her money from Paypal.

First, I need to open a dispute at Paypal and they will try to contact the seller. For my case, the seller did show the proof by presenting the tracking number of the parcel but when I try to key in the tracking number to trace the parcel in USPS website, it show that number does not exist. So, I have to escalate the the claim to Paypal and let them settle it with the seller.

After about 2 more weeks of waiting, finally I received an email from Paypal yesterday informing me that they will refund me the sum I paid earlier.

I was very satisfied with their service and I have more confident to use it for all kind of transaction I made tru Paypal.


Serene said...

Peimun, yes.. Paypal is very reliable + efficient way to make payment thru online. I think their system security is very good too!

My Lil' Monster said...

Mmm... the seller must be cheating since they kenot show u the proof of delivery. Well, at least U did not loose much.

I haven't buy items fro ebay b4. If I do, must get some 'sifu advise from u first' b4 I make any transact. Can ah Sifu??

peimun said...

So pai seh to be called sifu la....anythings u want to know abt ebay, you can ask me..... my pleasure to share the info with you.

Lemonjude said...

Good that you not lost anything after long waiting.

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