Fei Lou Gong Gong

Below is the dialog between my dad, Kendra and her teacher in the nursery.

my dad: Kendra, let's go home

teacher: Kendra, this is your gong gong or your yer yer?

Kendra: this is my fei lou gong gong (fatty grandpa)

teacher: hey....how come you call your grandpa like this?

my dad: she used to call like this.......


Actually I'm the one who should be blame for this because I used to call my daddy "fei lou" (fatty) and when Kendra hear it, she just mimic what I said. I'm speechless when my dad told me all about this.


kristie said...

aiyoh kendra is so cute ya! it is true that kids mimic whatever u do and say! so must be very careful ya.... but i also like the term 'fei lou gong gong' hahhaha

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I always like to see how Kendra communicate in her daily life..So cute!!

My Lil' Monster said...

OMG... Did your Dad felt hurt? But is cute thou :P

peimun said...

Will update more video of Kendra

my dad is ok one, coz he already immune when we called him Fei Lou...hahaha

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