Kawai Kanyu Drops

I knew this products quite some times but didn't plan to get it due to the price is not cheap and I scare my princess don't like it. But after influenced by the media and some good comments from others, I bought a can of it to try. Not bad, Kendra just love it and so does her mommy.

The one I bought is Kawai Kanyu Drops C20 (Orange Flavor). It contains Vitamin A, D and C to strengthen the body immune system, lightens common colds and stimulates wound healing. It also aids in the absorption of iron. KAWAI Kanyu Drop C20 is especially suitable for those people who eat little fruit or vegetables. It's made in Japan.

I got mine at Guardian @ RM66.70 with 20% discount for 180 tablets. And you can get more info for this products here.


kristie said...

it sounds more like a sweet with so much nutritional values in it, yum!

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