Sick Sick Sick

Last Wednesday, I received a call from Kendra's nursery and being informed that Kendra was not feeling well, she got fever.. So, I fetch her earlier that day. After she took her milk and I feed her the medicine she went to bed.

The next day I didn't send her to nursery because I want her to rest more so that she can join her nursery to the Ostrich Farm on Friday. The whole day she is behave and no problems for me to feed her the medicines.

On Friday, the fever still not subsided, I'm so dilemma whether to let her join the trip or let her rest at house. I let her to decide herself. When I ask her, she told me that she wanna go to the Ostrich Farm. So, I changed her and send her to the nursery. At first, the teacher seems not willings to let her join the trip. After my explanation and both of us also don't wish to disappointed her. So, her teacher agree to let her join in and assure me that she will take care of her during the trip.

When I'm having my breakfast, I received a call from the nursery telling me that Kendra was not feeling well again..... she was vomiting and the principal ask me to bring her home. I can see that she was very disappointed when I pick her up at the nursery.

The whole weekend, we just stay at home and didn't go anywhere else. Her fever was subsided on Sunday but daddy was the next person who fall sick. He is having fever and today taken MC to rest at house. Hope he can recover soon and I can have a good rest too!


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