Finally hubby passed his final paper of the CCNP and now he is a Cisco Certified Network Professional. Since he passed all the 4 papers of the exam and he is thinking to look for a better offer now. In the other hand, he also got an "weird" idea lately.........migrate to Australia.

We are thinking to get an Australia PR since hubby had did the online assessment of his skill and his score are qualify us for the application. From the info we gathered online (from the AU Immigration and some forum), we found that self apply can save us about RM7k compare to applying through agency. But with our location now (Ipoh), it's not so convenient for us to go down to KL for some of the forms submittion. We are still indecisive whether to self apply it or let it handle by agent.

One thing for sure is I must take the IELTS English test. I will go for the class this afternoon and will be sitting for the exam maybe end of the month. I joke with Kendra this morning that Kendra is going to school and so to mommy......hahahhaha!


Zooropa said... glad you are moving to Australia soon & leaving us in this stupid country! +sob.sob+


kristie said...

hey peimun, congrats to ur hubby ya, am sure he studied very hard! if u guys are moving on to greener pastures, why not? :)

just curious, why do u need to take the IELTS test?

Debbie Y said...

ganbaddei yo... it seems that we have a mommy who going to school again. hahaha!!!

Angeline said...


Found your blog when i was doing blog hopping.. I did the process by myself and plan to lodge my application next week.. if u have further question, you can just let me know..

peimun said...

Actually MYS is not bad too...

Thanks and the test is part of the requirement.

hehe...plan changed and hubby will be the one who attend the class and then teach me later...

Wish you success on your application and really hope that you will come back to this comment page again coz I really need your guidance on my application.

my emails is:

kristie said...

oh i see peimun, so any confirmation yet to migrate? do let us know ya :)

bits of life said...

Hi Pei Mun, this is indeed a very good opportunity. Me and my hubby are thinking of that too when he passes his exam. Good luck!

Serene said...

Gambateh to Peimun!! Hope you pass the test! Must inform us when u migrate.. ok!

My Lil' Monster said...

Pei Mun, I know some staff in Australian Hi Com. If u need help will try to help u.

Good Luck to your Hubby and to teh rest of U.

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