Bento #5

This Bento was not packed for Kendra but for her daddy instead. Hope he will finish it during his lunch time later. I just simply fried the rice with some hams and mixed vege and layer it with some lettuce. The coleslaw was prepared yesterday and I can't find a small cup to hold it so I just use the lettuce (again) to hold it....heheheh!! The appetizer will be the kiwi as there are still plenty in the fridge!!!! I thought of prepare a bottle of apple juice for him too but he refuse to bring it. So, this is the only food for his lunch later.....enjoy ya!!!!


Esmeralda said...

wah... ur hb so good wanna pack lunch from home.. my hb won't oh...:(

MeRy said...

Wouh...the fried rice looks yummy.

peimun said...

my hubby work in a factory and he seldom go out for lunch. Too boring to have lunch at his canteen..kekekek!!


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