Need Glasses?

Eyeglasses are expensive nowadays as one of my friend told me that she paid RM800 for her new glasses. OMG, I never paid such a huge amount for an eyeglass in my life.

After I read the article from Chicago Tribune, I found an online prescription eyeglasses store for cheaper frame and lens. From their website, I got to know that actually I can have few pairs of glasses with the amount my friend used to pay for her glasses. From rimless to plastic frame and single vision eyeglasses to complete progressive eyeglasses, you name it and they have it. Tons of frames for you to choose from with a super low price started at $8.oo. You must be wondering why they are able to sell their glasses at such low price. Zenni manufactures their own frames and sell directly to the customer. With this, no middleman and advertising fees are impose on the cost.

I need to get a backup pair of eyeglasses for myself and I think Zenni Optical is a wise choice to go for. Maybe I will get few pairs more so that I can have more stylish looks. What a good discovery! I hope you guys are tempted as I do now and let's visit Zenni Optical today for a brand new eyeglasses!


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