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If you are my regular blog reader, you will found that I love to shop online very much. When we talk about shop online, I'm sure the first question come out from your mind is " Does online shopping can be trusted?"

I still remembered that I was so worried when I place my first order online. I worried that my personal information will be disclose to the 3rd party and wonder whether the stuffs I ordered can be deliver to my doorstep safely. I dare not to shop other online shops which I never shop before. Thanks buySAFE given me a chance to write the review of their site so that I can go beyond the online shops I used to visit before this.

The buySAFE shopping Advisor is a free tool that makes online shopping safer and more secure. Shopping Advisor provides a tool to analyze e-commerce sites and provides a safe shopping portal, which consists of bonded sellers. Shopping Advisor only show you the search result from the bonded merchants and their security rating was displayed too. Once in the safe shopping portal, every purchase is guaranteed within the limits of the bond by buySAFE up to a limit of $25,000.

What's more, buySAFE also offer the referral program. $1.00 will be given to you for every person you refer to buySAFE who installs Shopping Advisor into their browser. So, don't wait and sign up your free account now!!!



Xiomara said...

Thanks for the info..! This tool is really very useful and effective to make our online shopping safe and more secure.

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