Ipoh J Card Day

Last Thursday was Ipoh J card day and too bad that I'm not here because I need to go to KL for my sales meeting. Few days before the sales, I already went to Jusco to ask the promoter there to reserve the things I want and then ask hubby to go and collect it on my behalf.

Early morning on that day, hubby called me up and told me there's so crowded there even the store haven't open. Hubby quickly went in to the store and collected my stuffs and went home. According to him, his t-shirt was all wet when he came out from the store.

Luckily my meeting was ended earlier and able to catch the 2.30pm bus to back to Ipoh. When I reached Ipoh around 5.30pm, I straight away go to Jusco with hubby. This round, I want to shop for toys as my friend SMS me and told me that lots of toys is marked down to 70%. That day I only shop and reserved Kendra's clothes and didn't buy any toys for her. And when I'm at KL that day, I bought her some clothes from GAP too. Wow, it seems she got lots of new clothes waiting for her........

Mamy Poko is cheap on that day.....only RM44.90 for the super jumbo pack. I cannot resist the offer and had bought 2 pack of it even I still have some stock. Other than that, we have bought her a set of Lego. It's very worth buying it on J card day as the retail price for this set is RM199.90 and on J card day, it got 10%+10% discount. Furthermore, we can claim back RM10 vouchers for every RM100 we spend on that day.

Let take a look on what we have bought for Kendra.


wHOisBaBy said...

i love jusco presales at 1 utama. if i am there, sure i go with my aunty and not just 1 time a day. we go morning, then lunch and then dinner.

btw, i sent you a tag here: http://familyfriendsnfood.blogspot.com/2007/07/tag-080808.html

Sue Sue said...

Same as me. My whole storeroom is full with Mamy Poko. Sure will grab if it is cheap. Me and my aunt more crazy went to DKSH warehouse sale early morning just to grab the stocks. I think we bought about 10 ctns and come to about RM1000+. Crazy right.

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