Kendra @ 15 months

Times flies and Kendra just turned 15 months today. By this stage, she is :

1. able to call mi mi (mommy), gong gong (grandfather), por por (grandma), yi yi (aunty)

2. mumble the words like: flaaa-wers (flowers), Laiii-yan (Lion), Oooo-range (orange), perrrr (apple), kow kow (sleep), leang leang (beautiful), ball, pa pa (scare), pao-pao (full and sometime refer to carry too).......

3. able to walk by her own. She don't like to be carry when we are shopping in the mall. She like to walk freely by her own and keep mommy chasing for her.

4. able hold the coins in RM0.10, RM0.20 and RM0.50 with her little fingers and put into her piglet coin box.

5. had her chicken pox vaccines last month and going for her 4th pneumococcal vaccine next week.

6. very clingy to her daddy compare to mommy.

7. experience her 1st time admitted to the hospital due to diarrhea.

8. taste the new things like macaroni, spaghetti bolognese, french fries, etc....

9. cannot live without her pacifiers. Ever since she discharge from the hospital, she like to suck her pacifiers so much. Like last time, she will only have it when it's time to sleep, but now she want it eveytime she see the pacifiers.

10. growing bigger in size too. Mommy have to clean up her wardrobe to clear off the clothes that she already outgrow.

Will get her a small gift like previous months to cherish her 15 months old.


Mummy to QiQi said...

they really grow fast, dont they?

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