Sad news

When I was in my customer place this afternoon, mom called me up and told me that Yasuyo's (my sister in law) dad just passed away. I was so sad to hear this news........Felix and Yasuyo will be fly back to Japan tonight. Actually both of them were just back from Japan this Sunday and now they need to go back again.

Although I don't know him very well and just met him once on Felix wedding this April. To me, he is a very tough person. I heard from Felix that he had been suffered from cancer for about 5 years but he is very strong and positive to fight with it. Too bad that he is gone now.........

Our deepest condolence to Yasuyo's family and I know that "HE" will always in our heart/memories even he is not around........

Picture of Kendra with Yasuyo's dad when we visited Japan this April 07


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