My Sleeping King

Hubby has an interview in US embassy today, so he need to wake up early in the morning as the taxi will be coming at 5.00am to pick him up.

He had set the alarm before he go to bed yesterday night. When the alarm beep this morning, I just turn it off and wake hubby up.

me: woi, wake up lor (by shaking his arm)'s 4.30am already!
hubby: ok ok......

After about 10 minutes he is still in the bed.

me:'s already 4.40am. You want your US Visa or not?

hubby: WHAT? 4.40am?Why don't you wake me up earlier?Isn't something wrong with our alarm? How come I didn't hear it beep?

me: The alarm is alright, just yourself got problem. Actually I did wake you up 10 min ago, but I don't know why you still in the bed after that.....

He quickly jump out from the bed and go to the washroom to dress himself. While he changing his clothes, the taxi is in front of our house. So, he had to rush for it without taking any breakfast........he seems steady!

If I know I gotta outstation, I'll have a sleepless night the day before depart. Not like hubby, can have such a good sleep all night long. If I'm hubby, I'm sure I can't get everythings done in 30 mins. I'll need at least 1 hour to prepare myself and spare some times to double check all the documents before leaving the house. Maybe this is the different between men and women.


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