MY New Promoter cum Model for Crocs

When I brought home the Crocs shoes that my customer return to me few days ago, my busy body girl keep on playing with the shoes. Sometimes she will bring the shoes to me and ask me to put it on for her and then while she walk with the shoes, she will keep on saying "neng neng"(nice- refer to the shoes) to me. I think I have to get a pair of Crocs shoes for her ASAP since she love it so much.

From the pictures above you will noticed that she like the shoes so much, aren't she?


aida said...

she is so cute!

peimun, just to let you know, i've added you to my blogroll.


cairo's mommy said...

wow, she looks so cute w her croc shoes... must get for her la... i love their marie jane series a lot!!!

Sue Sue said...

Your girl crocs is so cute. I still haven't get for my kids. No time to go and shop leh.

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