Kendra Teo Jia Ning

Normally when I asked Kendra who is she, she will either answer me "kendra", "ying ying" or "girl girl". I'm so surprise with her answer when I ask her the same question this morning. Here is our conversation:

me: hey, who are you?
Kendra: annnn...dra (kendra)
me: No, again who are you?
Kendra: ying ying
me: NO......
Kendra: girl girl
me: No No
Kendra: annn dra jia ning
me: huh...again, what is your name?
Kendra: annn dra jia ning (kendra Jia Ning, her surname was missing)

Now only I realized that she know her full name. It must be teach by her nanny. Hopefully I can hear her spell out her name soon.


Miki said...

Not too hurry lah, my girl is now going to be 16 months, still don't how to talk... She only know some simple words, like pa pa, ma ma, po po, book, dog and etc... I doubt that she know what is her name...

Jacelyn Chew said...

good news to u.....she is a clever girl.

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