Yeah....I got Dora for Kendra

As some of you knew that I was away to attend the Fisher Price training last Friday which was held by Mattel. The training was fun and I learn a lots in this training.

There was a role play section in the training and I'm so 'lucky' to be selected for the role play. At first, I'm so scare and nervous for it. I need to act as a promoter to sell the FP products to a picky customer. It's really a challenge for me and Thank God my partner was not as fussy as in the scenario listed.

At the end of the training, a Dora toys was given to those who participated in the role play. I'm so happy to get it as my little girl likes Dora a lots. Other than Dora, they also gave each of the attendants a Barney plush as a souvenir.


zooropa said...

Oops...I tot u r talking abt me, hehehe...


peimun said...

Both you and Dora the Explorer are CUTE!

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