KL Trip - Day 1

We start our journey around 9.00am after taking our breakfast. Along the journey, Kendra was behave very well coz she sleep all the way. We reached Aquaria around 12.00pm and Kendra was so excited when she saw the fishes and tortoises there.

There are not much things to do inside the Aquaria. We took about 45minutes to go through it. After we came out from the Aquaria, we have a coffee break at the Starbuck while we waiting for Ivy. This is the first time hubby and Kendra meet Ivy.

After we met Ivy, we need to rush to Mid Valley to meet up with Angie. Hubby and I were not so familiar with the road in KL so, it take us some times to find the way to Mid Valley. When we reached MV, hubby go to check in and I go and meet Angie with Kendra. We met up at MPH and I'm so sorry to keep Angie waiting as Chloe was so sleepy at that time. We took a walk around MV while Kendra having her nap.

We go back to our room to rest before we meet up with Hooi See around 6pm. We met up in Mothercare and only chat for awhile because her hubby is waiting for her inside the car. We then head to The Garden. Kendra like the toys department inside Robinson so much. She refuse to go when daddy want to carry her. She want to stay there and play with the "gor gor" and "cher cher" there.


chooi peng said...

Meet so many ppl in a day? LOL

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