Baskin Robbins - Love Potion 31

Since hubby had went to KL this afternoon and I got nothing to do with Kendra at home, so I bring her to Jusco to have dinner. After dinner, we have our walk around the mall and when we go near the Baskin Robbin counter, I saw my favourite taste of ice cream is available.....without thinking twice, I ordered a pint of this "Love Potion 31" home.

The next day, when I finished my house chores and sitting in front of the TV, I bring out the ice cream and indulge it myself. Without notice, I finished the whole pint by myself in less than an hour. I feel so guilty that I didn't leave any to Kendra or hubby so I decided to go to Jusco again and this time, I bought a Quart size of the same flavour again. I really cannot resist!!

Fyi, this "Love Potion 31" is a seasonal favorite. Cupid's white chocolate and raspberry ice cream swirled with a raspberry ribbon and loaded with raspberry filled chocolate hearts and chocolate chips....yummy yummy!!!!

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