Cisco Certification

Anyone who is working in IT field or job related to IT field will definitely heard of Cisco. Cisco is the most famous brand in networking & communication technology. Besides selling networking & communication products, Cisco does have learning/certification series for IT personnel who want to advance their career in IT networking specifically in Cisco. Cisco certification is essential for IT personnel who want to advance to the next high level IT jobs which we may refer to SME (“Subject Matter Expert”).

Recently, there are lots of career opportunities in IT field either via newspaper advertisements or online job posting websites. As we carefully review the listings, those high pay jobs require someone who is certified in a particular field. Meaning to say so, you can secure a better job if you have certifications.

My husband, he is now a CCNP holder (Cisco Certified Network Professional)and a CCNA holder (Cisco Certified Network Associate). It is not easy task to become Cisco certified professionals. It really requires lots of study, hands-on lab practices & understanding of the concepts. To excel, it is recommended to attend trainings if someone wishes to pursue on Cisco certification

However, he told me that he will continue to pursue the next level of Cisco certification which CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert). It is also the highest level of Cisco certification path. He told me that it not easy to get as he told me that it is the toughest assessments as compare with other IT assessments. Here, I really wish him success on pursuing CCIE and I'm sure he can make it. Because it is a world of Internet now where IT network infrastructure requires lots of qualified and certified IT professionals to design, deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot the network related problems.

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Serene said...

Peimun, is good to upgrade ourself to become more marketable person. Although is tough, but is definitely worth it.
I wish ur husband a better career achivement!

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