She Love/Miss Her Daddy

When Kendra saw her daddy carrying his luggage and ready to place it in the car, she pointed to the luggage and ask me whether her daddy is going to Japan. I told her that daddy is going to take the flight to China to work. She start crying and become clingy when she heard so. Begging her daddy not to go to work and herself also refuse me to change her before going to nursery.

While be are dropping her at the nursery, she start to hold her daddy so tight and all the pity faces was show. Daddy give her a goodbye kiss and promise her that will try to bring her to ride on the plane if she behave.

At night when we return home from my mom's house, she saw her daddy car was park at the car porch and she thought her daddy is back. She was so disappointed when I told her that daddy only will be back 2 weeks later. She keep crying for her daddy and what mommy need to do to calm her down....... turn on her favorite cartoons - Shrek and she stop looking for her daddy anymore and sleep when she is tired.


Mummy In Vain said...

ur gal is very close to her papa long will ur hub be away? poor gal, must be missing papa a lot then.

LittleLamb said...

hmmm so ke-lian. i hope u can entertain her while her daddy is away for work.

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