Like Mother Likes Daughter

I think Kendra was influenced by mommy for her baking lately and she like to play her "masak masak" (cooking toys) so much. She will cook for us whenever she got orders from all of us....... wan ton mee, chu cheong fan, pizza, cakes, bread, nescafe ice, kopi ice and etc.......

Since she like to cook so much and she yet own a nice kitchen play set, so her daddy bought her a set of Play-Dough yesterday. She like the set and can't wait to cook all the nice foods for us when we are home.

I plan to get her another set of Play-Dough which I think she will like it too. It can makes fews cone of ice cream........hahahah!


Mummy Gwen said... cute, play masak masak. i guess kids like to "monkey see monkey do".

Serene said...

Heheh.. my Xixi also likes to play her masak toy lately. She will bring the knife and cut the chicken for me. Taste yummy la.. hahaha!
Girl always like to play masak.

Debbie Y said...

I think it must be fun playing together with your gir... how i wish!!!

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