It's Pay Day

I'm so happy to received an email from my HR saying that the pay day will be on 30/6/07. This is the 1st pay day I have after 6 months resting at home. How I'm gonna use my pay ler...???

I think I'll go and check my balance in my account early in the morning to make sure the pay is in. Then only I can start my shopping spree tomorrow.

Other than some fixed expenses, I think I'll deposit some amount into Kendra's saving account. Then I'll buy hubby a gift to thank him for his financially and physically support during my jobless day and I'll treat my family dinner too.

It seems like I'm earning 10k per month with so many plans I have.......hahaha


Anggie's journel said...

we as a worker always wait for pay time... hahaha.. that's the happy time for me too.. then i started to think what can i buy with this $$ which i hv put aside ... hahahah

Mummy to QiQi said...

Pei mun, when u have 10k, then u don't feel like it is that BIG 10k liao!

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