Superb Hubby

I need to write this post to compliment my hubby for his support during the day Kendra was admitted. I didn't stay in the hospital to take care of Kendra for the 1st night because myself was having a flu on that day. He volunteer to take care of Kendra and did ask me to go home and have a better rest.

On the following day, we both stay together to take care of Kendra. He is really good in taking care of Kendra from diapers changing to cuddle Kendra to falls asleep. Somehow, I feel so shameful where I think he is doing much more better than myself. He is patient enough to take care of Kendra compare to myself.

Other than that, he is always make sure that I have enough of rest and I'm be good to take care of Kendra. When I'm going to report work on 1st June, he just stay at home with Kendra. He did all the laundry and housechores for me too.......really appreciate his work.

A big "THANK YOU" to him........!!! muack muackssssss


Stardustbaby said...

Hi. Your husband very supportive and understanding. You lucky girl! Hope Kendra is getting better each day!

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