Vomit and Diarrhea - 2

Finally Kendra was discharged on Thursday late evening. Before we went home, we did stop over Tesco to buy some necessary. During the check out, she poo again until all my pants and sling bag also wet. I'm so embarrass at that time and quickly take the car key and run into the car.

When we reached home, she is so excited. After changing her diaper, she is so happy to play around but she still poo poo quite frequent. During the whole night, I think she poo more than 5 times. In the morning time, she poo about 6 times until I saw some blood near her buttock. I'm quite worried and quickly call to her paed to confirm with him whether to send her back to the hospital. According to the paed, all this are common and as long as she is no fever, then no need to bring her back.

I'm so stress this few days when she was admitted. As some of you may knew that I'm going to report work on 1st of June and Kendra was only discharged on 31st May. Anyhow, I still meet up the manager on 1st June and thank for his kind understanding, I may leave early on that day.

Do you believe or not, Kendra finish a packet of Huggies Ultra (M40) within a day........Up to today (2 days after discharged), she still poo once 3-4 hourly. But her stool is not as watery as the one in hospital few days ago. Hope she can recover soon as tomorrow I need to start work and will be sending her to nanny's house.


karenyiau said...

Hope she has got better by now, it seems like many babies are getting this vomit & purging viruses lately, read it at other blogs as well.

peimun said...

thanks, karen....
yeah..she is much more better than yesterday. Only poo poo 2-3 times today.

chinnee said...

hope lil kindra is ok by now ? Let her sleep more.

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