Nightmare was Over

Brought her to the clinic yesterday and her paed told us that she has fully recovered.

From my observation, her appetite was good compare to last time. She took 6oz of milk every 4 hour before but now she can take 5oz of milk every 2 hour. Hubby told me one funny action of her yesterday. As some of you may knew that I have just started my new job recently and yesterday I was late to fetch her from nanny's house. So, hubby had fetch her and wait for me at my mom's house. While waiting for me, she is so annoying. She went near the diapers bag and took out the can of milk and her milk bottle and show it to her daddy......keep on saying"mam mam"......... Hubby cannot resist her request and just give her 3 oz of milk. After she finished her 3oz milk, she did request again by showing the bottle to hubby again........hahaha

According to her paed, her appetite will increase at this moment (7-10 days after recovery) but we need to give her in small amount and more frequent instead of giving them their normal intake in one short. As long as she is ok, I don't mind to do more work.


Health Freak Mommy said...

Alycia was also hospitalized for 3 nites & put on drips for 3 days when she was 14 mths due to Rotavirus. I was 9 mths preggy with Sherilyn then. It was indeed a nitemare. Pro is her tummy has now gotten immuned to more junkie & now, she doesnt get diarrhoea that often. Glad it's over for you now.

blur_mommy said...

Glad to hear that the nitemare is over. It's always very stressful when our little one gets sick, isn't it?

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