Kendra bully her mate

Hubby need to attend a department dinner on last Friday and so, I have to fetch Kendra by myself. When I reached her nanny's house, I couldn't found them inside the house. So, I try to search around for both of them.

Ohh, they were at few doors next to her nanny's house. I came out from my car and Kendra's nanny was walking out from that house follow by the house owner (an auntie) and her granddaughter who is about 2 years old. I recognised the little girl, she always play with Kendra while waiting for me to fetch her. While I'm carrying Kendra and the auntie tell me : " wah, your daughter very fierce one, always bully my grandchild".........I'm so embarrass when I heard so and quickly apologize to her. Actually the auntie didn't mean anythings but just wanted to get me informed about it only.

When we are home and I told her in a very soft tone, "Kendra, you cannot ta (beat) Jie Jie (sister) you know, if you do so no one will like to play with you"....PAK........she just slap at me right after my words with a smiling face........Gosh, what's wrong with her and I'm so pity to be a victim.

I really cannot believe that my girl was so 'brave' to bully a girl who is elder than her. Maybe what old peoples said is right, baby with 2 spiral are more stubborn and they will do what ever they like without thinking of the consequences.


cairo's mommy said...

aiyah, cairo terbalik. she "dah" her "pie-der" at home every hour but go out n my friend's girl bully her, she just back herself up to the wall n keep quiet :s

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