Separated with Kendra

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I'll be going to KL for 3 days 2 night to attend a training. I need to go there by tomorrow and I feel so sad to leave Kendra here.

This is the 2 time I didn't sleep with her since she was born. The 1st time was just few weeks back when she was admitted and I'm not fit to take care of her by that time.

"Kendra, you must be a good girl when mommy is not around. Please listen to what daddy said and mommy will be back as soon as the training is over, love you aways!"


Mummy to QiQi said...

Peimun, Kendra looking forward to get lots of gifts from you this time.

cairo's mommy said...

call her often :p

3 days is not that long, i am sure she will stick to you like glue when you're back home, dont worry :D

hooikoon said...

Pei Mun,
Don worry,kendra must being a very good girl !
Take care ar !

hooikoon said...

peimun,Don worry,kendra must be a good girl !
Take care

hooikoon said...

Peimun, don worry...kendra might be a very good girl.
Take care !

peimun said...

Finally I'm back.....!

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