Jusco Day

Last Thursday was Jusco's members day at my area and I'm not as crazy as some of my friends who take a day off just to shop the whole day in Jusco. I got nothing much in my shopping list except the bedsheets and the comforter set.

Since I already pre-booked my bedsheets and comforter set, I walk straight to the toys department without delay to check out the Lego set which I intended to buy for Kendra weeks ago. I saw a woman holding the set I want and that is the last set on the shelve. I waited beside her and when she make up her mind to put back the set on the shelve, I quickly pick it up and walk to the cashier.....hahahaha! Not bad, the set have a 20% discount instead the normal 10% discount. Should thank to my buddy Violet who share with me the Lego sales at Toys R' Us earlier.

This is the Lego set I bought

BesideLego, I bought 2 sets of Winnie the Pooh bedsheets (70% off) for Kendra and a comforter set for myself. Correlle also have a good deal @ 30% but I didn't get any for myself as I bought mine earlier this year.

Bought this set during happy hour @ RM50 (comforter + bedsheets)


kristie said...

wow good buy for the comforter sets! :)

when is the happy hour?

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