New Spec

I don't like to wear contact lenses because I use to rub my eyes very often. Thus, I will more prefer a stylish glasses than a pair of contact lens. I have few glasses to match with my daily outfits but most of them are with plastic frame. Due to taking care of Kendra, I have to choose plastic frame which is more durable I think compare to aluminum frame.

Now, I want to get myself a rimless frame to have a change over of my usual style and thanks to my sponsor, an online glasses store which offers a good bargain. They have tons of frames for you to choose from and the price they offered are super low because they only sell their own manufactured frames direct to the customers. No middlemen and advertising fees are impose on the cost.

These are the fews frames I like.......

*This post is brought to you by Zenni Optical


kristie said...

gd luck in finding that perfect frame for u :)

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