8TV Summer Concert @ Ipoh

I just came back from a dinner at Thai Thong, Heritage. So surprise when I step into the hotel lobby just now. It's full of the Summer Concert's poster.

While I'm waiting for my mom and sis, I saw few peoples walking out from the lift and all of them are wearing the pass with the SC logo on it. All of them are part of the staffs for that function.

I also "kepoh" and listen their conversation.......I heard one of the guy talking to another girl that Sandy Lam was "black face" due to one of her luggage was missing. When I thought of walking nearer to hear clearly, my mom and sis already walking to me and it's time to go into the restaurant, so I don't have a chance to listen the whole story.........

The show will be held in Ipoh Padang @ 11/8/07, 8.30pm.


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