Creatures I hate Most

I think now is the "tag" season......I received tags almost everyday for the past few days. Thanks Lovelymummy to pass me this tag.

The two most creatures that I hate are :

1. Mosquitoes - I don't know why the mosquitoes family like me so much. Always follow me wherever I go and like to bite me....(especially my face). Make me like seeing ghost when I see a mosquito come near to me.

2. Rat - I hate them because they are so ugly and dirty. I remembered one incident happened when I'm still a little girl. While I'm brushing my teeth before I go to bed, a rat walk across my feet and I cannot control myself and start screaming very loud. My parents thought somethings happen to me an quickly came out from the room.........since that time, I need someone to accompany me whenever I stand in front of that sink.

Luckily my house now are free from rats but still will have some mosquitoes fly by..........

Would pass this on to :
1. chooi peng
2. pauline
3. momofcairo


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