Swatch Watch

This is the Swatch watch bought by daddy for me last weekend. When we are shop around at Parkson last Saturday, I walk into a watches shop and look around their Swatch collection. When I was eyeing on a cute watch (got a frog print on it) and I ask hubby whether it suit me or not. Hubby can answer me straight away that I'll look so childish if I wear that watch. So, I keep my eyes on to others design. My eyes just stop at the one that with a red strap and date display watch. I think this suit me more.
So, I ask the shop assistant to take out the watch to let me try on it.

hubby: eeemmm........not bad. Do you like this?
me: If need me to pay for it, I don't want lor
hubby: just answer me you like it or not?
me: are you going to buy it for me?
hubby: ok. I'll get this for you since I didn't buy anything for you recently......

Bravo......... mommy got a new watch.


esther said...

wow, what a beautiful gift :)

Lovely Mummy said...

wah, ur husband so sayang you lar, say buy then buy for "hung fook" lah....hehe, btw, how much for it ?

Lovely Mummy said...

wah, ur lou gong so sayang u lah, say buy then buy it for "hen fook" much for the watch btw??? me geh poh lah

peimun said...

the watch cost RM220.

Lemonjude said...

nice watch you have.

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