Terri is back

Terri is taking the flight from London -Sin-KL on the 12th August and reached Ipoh at 11pm. Thanks her friend Carmen to sending her home from KLIA to Ipoh. We are so happy to see her. We didn't see each other for more than a year since she left Malaysia in year 2006. And this is the first time she see Kendra. Kendra didn't have any strange feeling towards her "fei yi yi" (fat auntie) and willing to kiss her when I ask her to do so........

She purposely come back to attend Felix's wedding on this Saturday. I think this is the first time she meet our "tai sou" (sister in law) too.....but before that they did chat on MSN. It's good also she is here as the "record" show that she always absent for all the big event in the family like my wedding, when I give birth.......... Hope she will enjoy her stay!

p/s: will post some photos of her in my blog later


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