Fisher Price Toys Being Recalled!!!

I was so shock when TCW forwarded me this article from the star online....please read tru:

Fisher-Price toys being recalled due to toxic content (updated)

PETALING JAYA: Mattel South-East Asia (Malaysia) Pte Ltd is recalling three made-in-China Fisher-Price products because they have excessive amounts of lead.

In the United States, Fisher-Price announced today it is recalling 83 types of toys, including the popular Big Bird, Elmo, Dora and Diego characters, because of excessive amounts of lead in their paint.

However, according to Mattel South-East Asia Pte Ltd (Malaysia) marketing manager Cheok Ching Won, only three of the 83 toys are being sold in Malaysia.

The three toys -- Barney Best Manner Phone (serial number B6966), Sing N Play Alphabook (B7418) and Sesame Street Giggle Surprise Giggle (C1211) -- are amongst the nearly one million toys US toy giant Fisher-Price said it was recalling.

The recall involved 967,000 plastic preschool toys made by a Chinese vendor, and sold in the United States between May and August.

It is the latest in a wave of recalls that has heightened global concern about the safety of Chinese-made products.

The recall is the first for Fisher-Price Inc and parent company Mattel Inc involving lead paint. It is the largest for Mattel since 1998 when Fisher-Price had to recall about 10 million Power Wheels from toy stores.

Cheok said letters had been sent out to all leading departmental and toy speciality stores where the products were sold. She added that the retailers were asked to remove the affected toys from their stores immediately.

"Advertisements will be placed in the newspapers as soon as possible to inform the public on the matter, and those who had purchased the toys will get a full refund from Mattel.

"The affected toys were manufactured between April 19 and July 6 by a manufacturer in China, and during that period less than 500 of the three products were distributed to the respective stores nationwide," she said.

According to her, photos of the three products would be included in the announcement in local newspapers to make it easier for the public to identify them.

"Our priority is to ensure the safety of the children, and therefore necessary steps are being taken," she added.

It is learnt that although the three products were available in the country since January, the excessive amounts of lead in the paint was only discovered since a new manufacturer had produced the toys within that period.

To get a full list of the products that are being recalled, go to


Mummy to QiQi said...

at least there is a recall. those pasar malam one i bought where got recall? lagi toksic i think!

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